Pest Inspections

Fireside Home Inspections offers inspection services for wood-boring pests and rodents. I am a Certified Inspector with the New England Pest Management Association. Prices are for services provided at the same time as the home inspection.

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Insect Pest Inspection: $55

Insect pest inspections include termites, carpenter ants, powder post beetles, and various other wood borers. Termites can do significant damage to a home if undiscovered. To reduce the risk of termite activity in your home, it is important that soil is not touching the siding of the home, and foundations and brick masonry are checked occasionally for evidence of termites. Carpenter ant activity can indicate moisture issues with the wooden structure of the home. It is very important to correct any moisture issues, in addition to treating for the carpenter ants.

Rodent Inspections: $55

You do not need to share your home with rodents! Rodents are dirty, and leave trails of excrement wherever they travel. A rodent inspection is an important part of the home inspection. Evidence of rodent activity will be noted, and some effort made during the home inspection to discover where the rodents may be entering the home. Common locations where rodents may enter the living space are at the basement bulkhead, at the wall in common with the garage, and where wiring and air conditioning refrigeration lines pass through the walls. Stone foundations in older homes must be checked carefully for holes and gaps. Crawl space inspections - add $75.

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