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Services Offered

Water Testing - NHELAP Accredited Lab

Results are mailed directly to you from the lab.

  • Basic Drinking Water Test
    • Tests: Sodium, pH, chloride, hardness, nitrate-N, nitrite--N, iron, manganese. Total coliform bacteria, E.coli bacteria, fluoride.
  • Expanded Drinking Water Test
    • Tests: Includes the basic water tests listed above, plus lead, arsenic, and copper. (Meets VA & FHA Requirements)
  • Bacteria in Water
    • The water sample is tested for presence of coliform and E. coli bacteria.

Radon Testing - Accredited Lab

Results are mailed directly to you from the lab.

  • Radon in Air, EPA Approved
    • Double canister test, OR continuous radon monitor. Monitor or canisters are set during the inspection, and retrieved after two days. Continuous radon monitor is more tamper resistant and gives results in 2-3 days. Canister results in 4-6 days.
  • Radon in Water
    • Water sample is analyzed by the lab.

Other Services

  • Septic system inspection
    • The septic system is located, and the septic tank and leach  field are inspected visually.  Issues with the septic tank and associated piping are  identified and the leach field condition is evaluated, when possible.
  • New Home Construction Inspections
    • Two to four inspections are conducted with brief written report. The final inspection includes a full written report.
  • Expert Witness

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